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Sarape Trim Palm Sombrero - (PH11)

Introducing our Palm Fiesta Sombrero with Sarape Trim, a vibrant and festive accessory that adds a touch of Mexican flair to any celebration or event. This sombrero features a natural palm construction, providing a lightweight and breathable feel.

Legacy SKU: PH11
Parent SKU: HA1010

The sombrero has a diameter of 20 inches, making it a one-size-fits-all option suitable for both adults and children. It is adorned with assorted colors of sarape trim, showcasing rich and vibrant traditional patterns. The sarape trim adds an extra layer of charm and uniqueness to the sombrero.

To ensure a secure fit, the sombrero comes with a chin cord that can be adjusted according to your preference. This feature allows you to comfortably wear the sombrero during festive activities and ensures it stays in place.

Whether you're celebrating a fiesta, attending a costume party, or simply want to embrace the festive spirit, our Palm Fiesta Sombrero with Serape Trim is the perfect accessory. It adds an authentic touch to your outfit and brings joy to any occasion.

Order your Palm Fiesta Sombrero now and get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and festive atmosphere it brings.

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