21 Inch Leather Travel Tote - (SL301) - Sercal

21 Inch Leather Travel Tote - (SL301)

The Leather Travel Tote you described is a spacious and functional bag with multiple pockets and a shoulder strap. It is available in black and brown, with the brown color and texture varying slightly. Here are the details:

Legacy SKU: SL301
Parent SKU: LE3301

- Material: Leather
- Pockets: 5
- Shoulder Strap: Yes
- Available Colors: Black and Brown (color and texture of brown may vary)
- Size: 21 inches x 9 inches x 9 inches

The Leather Travel Tote is designed to provide ample storage space for your travel essentials and belongings. The multiple pockets help you stay organized, while the shoulder strap offers convenience and comfort during your travels. Please note that the brown color may have slight variations in both color and texture.
Color: Assorted

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