Leather Pistol Holster - Right - Plain & Size 30 Belt - Sercal

Leather Pistol Holster - Right - Plain & Size 30 Belt

Introducing our versatile Leather Pistol Holster, specifically designed for right-handed individuals seeking a reliable and practical carrying solution. This holster combines functionality and simplicity with its plain design, providing a discreet and comfortable way to securely hold your pistol.

Included with the holster is a size 30 belt, ensuring a secure and adjustable fit. The belt allows for easy customization, guaranteeing a snug and reliable carry throughout the day.

Safety is paramount, and our Leather Pistol Holster excels in providing a secure and accessible solution. The durable construction and reliable retention system keep your firearm securely holstered, giving you peace of mind in various situations. Quick and efficient drawing and re-holstering ensure you have swift access to your weapon whenever needed.

Our Leather Pistol Holster caters to shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, and individuals concerned with personal defense. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, while the reliable performance and ease of use make it an essential accessory for anyone seeking a dependable carrying option.

Invest in our Leather Pistol Holster and experience the confidence and convenience of having your firearm securely and discreetly by your side whenever you need it.


Caliber: 22
Barrel: 8
Color: Black