Leather Pistol Holster - Left - Plain & Size 32 Belt - (SL307P) - Sercal

Leather Pistol Holster - Left - Plain & Size 32 Belt - (SL307P)



Introducing our Leather Pistol Holster, specially designed for left-handed individuals and crafted with utmost precision. This holster is the perfect blend of functionality and style, ensuring quick and easy access to your firearm whenever you need it. Made from high-quality, durable leather, it offers exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.

The plain design exudes a timeless elegance, making it suitable for various occasions and environments. It seamlessly complements your attire while keeping your pistol securely in place. With a size 32 belt included, you can effortlessly adjust the holster to achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

Our Leather Pistol Holster prioritizes safety and convenience, featuring a reliable retention system that guarantees your weapon remains snugly in place. The holster offers smooth drawing and re-holstering, allowing for efficient firearm handling.

Whether you're an avid shooter, a law enforcement professional, or someone concerned about personal defense, our Leather Pistol Holster is an essential accessory for carrying your firearm securely and stylishly. Invest in this reliable and expertly crafted holster to enhance your shooting experience and maintain peace of mind in any situation.

Caliber: 22
Barrel: 8
Color: Black