Mayan Calendar & Warrior Poncho - (SM646HW) - Sercal

Mayan Calendar & Warrior Poncho - (SM646HW)

Introducing our Hand Woven Look Mayan Calendar Poncho with a unique twist. This poncho features a brushed texture on the inside for added warmth and comfort. On the front side, you'll find a stunning depiction of the Aztec calendar, showcasing its intricate design and cultural significance. On the back of the poncho, an Aztec warrior design adds an extra touch of authenticity.

The poncho is made from a high-quality acrylic cotton polyester blend, ensuring a soft feel and durability. When unfolded, it measures 72" x 42", providing ample coverage and a stylish look. Please note that the poncho is available in option colors only, adding to the element of surprise and individuality.

Legacy SKU: SM646HW
Parent SKU: PN2004

Color: Black/White