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Guadalupe Blanket (SW283)

Introducing our Guadalupe Blanket, a symbol of warmth, comfort, and devotion. This beautiful blanket features a captivating Virgin de Guadalupe scene, adding a touch of spiritual significance to your living space.

Legacy SKU: SW283
Parent SKU: BL5001
Code: 306

The Guadalupe Blanket is available in an assortment of colors, with the design as pictured. Each blanket is sold in assorted colors only, allowing you to embrace the element of surprise and discover the unique beauty of each variation.

Crafted from a blend of acrylic, cotton, and polyester, this blanket offers a soft and luxurious feel while ensuring durability and long-lasting quality. Measuring 91 inches x 81 inches, it provides ample coverage for snuggling up on a chilly evening or adding a vibrant touch to your living space.

With a weight of 3.75 pounds, the Guadalupe Blanket offers a cozy and substantial feel, wrapping you in comfort and style.

Embrace the warmth, beauty, and spiritual significance of the Guadalupe Blanket. Add a touch of tradition and devotion to your home or share it as a meaningful gift with your loved ones. Order now and experience the comfort and enchantment of this remarkable blanket.
Color: Black
Hot Pink
Royal Blue

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