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Paper Flowers - (PF1)

Introducing our beautiful Handmade Paper Flowers, crafted with care and attention to detail. These flowers are available in two sizes: the small size measures 6 inches in diameter, and the large size measures 9 inches in diameter. The stem length is 14 inches, providing flexibility in how you choose to display them.

Legacy SKU: PF1
Parent SKU: MS1008

Color: Assorted

Our paper flowers come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors, adding a touch of beauty and cheer to any setting. Please note that the flowers may be slightly ruffled upon arrival, but with a gentle adjustment, they will bloom into their full glory.

Decorate your home, special events, or craft projects with these delightful Handmade Paper Flowers. They make for a unique and eye-catching addition, bringing a touch of nature's elegance into your space.
Size: Large

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